Bill Oldham, MBA      

Major Areas of Expertise:

  • Integrating cost-effective and innovative technology in the healthcare industry
  • Healthcare monitoring and data collection
  • Telemedicine tools and services

Summary of Career Accomplishments:
Bill Oldham became a Senior Partner at Martin-Blanck in 2013. Mr. Oldham’s career in healthcare started after spending a few years on Wall Street working in the financial information services industry. Over the last two decades, he has led many cutting edge and dynamic technology programs in the healthcare sector. From bringing telemedicine to the remotest regions of the Middle East to bringing data integration to our nation’s military to supporting project management automation for the United Nation’s World Food Program, he has led teams and projects bringing innovation and technical excellence to the healthcare industry. Mr. Oldham’s vision is to drive excellence in helping healthcare organizations utilize technology to improve care outcomes and performance.

Prior to Martin-Blanck, Mr. Oldham led development of model utilizing telemedicine tools in support of Indian Health Service tele-psychology programs, building a web-based solution to extend care capabilities to remote patients in disadvantaged communities. Later, as the Chairman & CEO at Evolvent, Mr. Oldham led innovation through reducing the cost of care delivery through process analysis, automation, and integration systems with improved work processes. He built global solutions for humanitarian and medical support operations through the Knowledge Architecture cohort, which was part of the larger Air Force Medical Service Knowledge Exchange, a healthcare knowledge management program currently serving more than 45,000 global users. In the 1990s, he was Project Manager for MeduNet, a non-profit health information network in Saudi Arabia, which set early standards for analyzing the requirements for electronic patient records in Persian Gulf countries.

Leading North and South American operations for a small technology company based in the United Kingdom, Mr. Oldham was able to use technology to transform sales and service delivery, expand partnerships and networks and better support customers. Following this experience, he left the financial industry for healthcare and work in the Middle East. That experience, coupled with graduate education in the U.K. and Holland, has led to a belief system grounded in the humanitarian imperatives of expanding global resources and access to care while ensuring that best practices are followed and costs are contained and/or reduced.

Additional Qualifications:
As a part of efforts to promote better wounded warrior care, he is a founding executive of the Traumatic Brain Injury Consortium – a group of multi-national companies, universities, laboratories, and leading individuals committed to improving healthcare outcomes for veterans with TBI leveraging new technologies in sensors, screening, therapeutics, and informatics.

Mr. Oldham received his Bachelor of Arts from Harding University and his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Manchester Business School, Manchester, England.

Martin, Blanck & Associates:
Martin, Blanck & Associates is a healthcare consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. Martin Blanck provides critical assistance to private sector clients focused on federal healthcare delivery systems and services and public health programs. The firm has more than two dozen senior executive partners with expertise in healthcare policy, program development, executive management, strategic planning, informatics, medical countermeasures research and development addressing chemical, biological and radiological threats, public health strategies, and emerging infectious diseases.