Healthcare Consulting


Martin, Blanck & Associates offers a wide range of healthcare consulting services for private sector clients.  We bring a unique blend of senior clinical and executive management experience in the federal health arena.  Our services include:

  • Management Consulting Services.  We recognize the federal health sector has a range of special healthcare consulting needs.  We assist our clients in working with federal agencies to help them meet their toughest challenges – whether it is improving business operations and efficiency, helping turn data into actionable executive information for government leadership, or identifying private sector best practices for implementation in the government sector. We help our clients develop strategic plans and tactical objectives addressing federal health sector requirements.
  • Proposal Management Services.  We share our insights into the government’s  budgetary and leadership goals in order to assist clients develop winning proposal strategies.   Our services include:
    • Identifying federal opportunities of interest  
    • Conducting RFP review and analysis  
    • Providing proposal management services
    • Identifying potential prime or subcontract bid partners
    • Writing and editing proposals
    • Final bid reviews
  • Clinical Assessment Services.  We understand federal health program coverage and reimbursement policies, and can provide a comprehensive set of consultation services to clients seeking federal reimbursement for their products.
  • Advisory Board Development.  Clients new to the federal health sector can often be aided by a consultative body that facilitates outreach and provides expert advice. We help clients develop an advisory board with the right clinical, management and geographic mix to best meet their needs, and manage that board after its creation.
  • Public Health Preparedness & Response. Our team provides expert technical guidance in assessing and addressing public health threats. We assist our clients with the scientific, public policy, and response planning challenges presented by both natural and manmade events.
Martin, Blanck & Associates provides critical assistance in:

Healthcare Consulting
We provide healthcare policy and program development, management, informatics and strategic planning advice, training management, and healthcare studies and analytical support to local, national and international organizations in both the public and private sectors. We provide assistance throughout the acquisition life-cycle, including:
• Strategic Acquisition Planning
• Responding to Requests for Proposal (RFP)
• Ongoing Customer Support
Business Development
Our veteran team of executives understands the marketplace, the customer needs, and how to differentiate a product in a crowded field. Our business development market areas include:
• Emerging Medical Technologies
• Information Technology
• Health Plans and Health Services
Acquisition Assistance
Martin, Blanck & Associates provides critical assistance to firms interested in pursuing business opportunities in the federal, state and non-profit sectors -- with particular expertise in federal health systems. We provide assistance throughout the acquisition life-cycle, including:
• Acquisition Planning
• Communication Strategies
• Responding to Requests for Proposal (RFP)
• Ongoing Customer Support