Lawrence V. McBean, MS      

Major Areas of Expertise:

  • Health care business management, project management and strategic planning
  • Quality control, business development and government/legislative affairs
  • Research and development, resource management training/mentoring
  • Compliance and regulatory analysis

Summary of Career Accomplishments:
Lawrence McBean joined Martin, Blanck & Associates as a Senior Partner in 2018, following a career of more than 30 years of sustained excellence in health management, government affairs, medical logistics and acquisition, telemedicine and information technology, including combat casualty care technologies and medical research and development (R&D). He provided operational, financial and personnel/resource management to achieve government and commercial strategic planning goals and tactical implementations. He also provided strategic management of medical logistical, personnel and operational resources, specializing in business development and legislative affairs for multi-million dollar assets. His results maximized productivity, efficiency, quality, safety, cost containment and overall personnel efficiency.

From 2006 through 2018, Mr. McBean served as Director of the Medical Technology Business Division of Peduzzi Associates in Alexandria, Virginia, where he was responsible for overall management and day-to-day operations, providing status updates to senior management and developing, implementing and achieving business development goals. He effectively tracked over $10 million in defense appropriations and Congressionally-directed medical research program awards on behalf of medical clientele.

Mr. McBean also served as Program Manager, Military Casualty Research/Combat Casualty Research for the American Registry of Pathologists at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Silver Spring, Maryland from 1998 through 2006. He was responsible for the implementation and operations of the Army's En Route Care program and technology integration, including sensor and information technology platforms.

Summary of Career Accomplishments:
Mr. McBean also served as Program Director, Hospital Liaison/Quality Management (MSG) for the 121st American General Hospital in Seoul, Korea. He also served in the Military Medical Service of the United States Army from 1976 through 1998. He received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland and a Master of Science from Rochville University.

Martin, Blanck & Associates:
Martin, Blanck & Associates is a healthcare consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. Martin Blanck provides critical assistance to private sector clients focused on federal healthcare delivery systems and services and public health programs. The firm has more than two dozen senior executive partners with expertise in healthcare policy, program development, executive management, strategic planning, informatics, medical countermeasures research and development addressing chemical, biological and radiological threats, public health strategies, and emerging infectious diseases.