Michelle C. Ross, DVM, PHD, MS      
Senior Partner

Major Areas of Expertise:

  • Chemical, biological and radiological/nuclear threat countermeasures
  • Biomedical defense strategy development, including prevention, detection and public health mitigation responses
  • Biological and chemical safety operations and regulation  
  • Public health strategies in response to both infectious disease outbreaks and counterterrorism 

Summary of Career Accomplishments:
Dr. Michelle Ross joined Martin, Blanck & Associates as a Senior Partner for Biodefense and Public Health Programs after retiring from 21 years of active service in the US Army Medical Department, Veterinary Corps. She is an internationally recognized leader and expert in chemical, biological and radiological/nuclear (CBRN) threat countermeasures and public health strategies in response to both infectious disease outbreaks and counterterrorism. Her experience and subject matter expertise contributed to significant new biomedical defense strategies and countermeasure development for the Department of Defense, in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Homeland Security, the Homeland Security Council, and international partners in prevention, detection, and public health mitigation responses for both military and civilian populations.

For the past 19 years, Dr. Ross has been a leader in CBRN Medical Defense in positions from the laboratory bench to developing national defense policy. Some of her key military assignments include Director of Medical Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense Policy for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, advising the Assistant Secretary, Health Affairs on developing policies and programs for the prevention of mortality and morbidity and furthering individual health protection for all US Forces against CBRN threat agents.

Additional Qualifications:
Dr. Ross served as the Deputy Commander, US Army Research Institute of Chemical Defense, the nation’s premier chemical defense laboratory, and was responsible for biological and chemical safety operations and regulation. She formerly served as the CBRN Medical Advisor to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the Chemical/Biological Defense office in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Dr. Ross was selected to be the Veterinary Comparative Medical Consultant to the Surgeon General of the US Army and the Advisor in Physiology to the Assistant Surgeon General for Veterinary Services.

Dr. Ross continues to be a speaker and consultant at numerous medical, professional and government and university conferences and formerly held an academic appointment as Adjunct Associate Professor at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences. She has authored over 35 scientific and technical publications, including a chapter in the textbook, Medical Management of Chemical Casualties. Dr. Ross received a Master of Science and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University, and a Doctor of Philosophy from the John Burns School of Medicine, the University of Hawaii.

Martin, Blanck & Associates:
Martin, Blanck & Associates is a healthcare consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. Martin Blanck provides critical assistance to private sector clients focused on federal healthcare delivery systems and services and public health programs. The firm has more than two dozen senior executive partners with expertise in healthcare policy, program development, executive management, strategic planning, informatics, medical countermeasures research and development addressing chemical, biological and radiological threats, public health strategies, and emerging infectious diseases.